New Jersey - and the entire globe - has been through a lot these last two years.

The COVID-19 Pandemic flipped our world upside down and a massive list of shortages soon followed.

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It may feel like ages ago....but it wasn't. At one point or another, ALLLL of these items below were hard to come by:

It's Been Rough: Major Shortages New Jersey Has Already Experienced

New Jersey has already experienced quite a few shortages and a majority of them started during the COVID-19. It may feel like ages ago...but NJ has been through enough.

Well now we have another one and personally, I think this shortage is hitting me a bit harder than the others.

It might soon be pretty tough for you to find one of my favorite fruits of all time in New Jersey...and the entire country....



I know...I am heartbroken.

But this shortage has nothing to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to, "a U.S. official conducting inspections of avocados [coming from Mexico] received a 'verbal threat' on his cellphone."

As a result, the United States is halting all avocado deliveries from Mexico for the time being.

Why should you worry? Because, "80% of avocados eaten by Americans come from Mexico."

“In a few days, the current inventory will be sold out and there will be a lack of product in almost any supermarket,” said Raul Lopez, Mexico manager of agriculture market research company Agtools.

Yikes. I guess we won't be able to enjoy fresh avocado on my sandwiches...or wraps...or SUSHI! OH MY GOD....and no avocado toast at brunch anymore!!


The bad news continues: no one knows how long this ban will last because as of now, it is indefinite.

It will, “remain in place for as long as necessary to ensure the appropriate actions are taken, to secure the safety of APHIS personnel working in Mexico,” said the U.S. Department of Agriculture in a statement,

On top of that, the price of avocados have already risen up to $1.43 per piece. According to, that is "11% higher than last year."

Now with this shortage, you know that price is only going to go up and I think we should all mentally prepare for the price of avocados to skyrocket. WOMP!

There are two silver linings.

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The first is that California does provide 15% of America's avocados. It probably won't undo the shortage but it is better than nothing. But once again, with fewer avocados to go around, they will probably at least double in price.

The second silver lining is avocados that were sent out for delivery before February 11th will continue to be imported. If it was sent after February 11th, we are out of luck.

There are so many popular dishes that use avocados and for now, we are going to have to table our obsession.


I guess for now, strawberries will have to do. BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME!

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