A recent study has been published and it's good news for all the working dads here in the Garden State.

Some good news for new Jersey dads as Father's Day approaches. According to a study done by WalletHub, New Jersey is among the top 5 states in America for our hard working dads. As a matter of fact, our rank is number 5 in the study.

As usual, a great deal of data when into the research that determined these rankings. WalletHub used twenty three indicators to come up with the results in this study, and there are some highlights for New Jersey.

Here are some of the rankings that led to the Garden State's impressive showing...

Economic and Social Well Being...New Jersey is ranked 7th.

Work Life Balance...The Garden State is ranked 6th.

Child Care. New Jersey comes in at # 7 in this category.

Another highlight for New Jersey in the study where we appear in the top 5...

Highest Median Family Income...The Garden State is 4th (adjusted for cost of living)

This is the big weekend for our Jersey Shore dads and we want to wish them all the best. Happy Father's Day dads!  We're so glad that this state is a good state for all the fathers in our lives.

And to my Dad, I want you to know that the love, support, encouragement and lessons you have shared with me have made me a better person, and I love you very much. Happy Father's Day!!

Please take the opportunity to thank the dads in your life this weekend, and always.

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