Earlier this month, I wrote about the announcement that the Mega Parcel site on the property of Fort Monmouth was up for sale.  Read it here.

There’s an update on the progress of the sale below.

At the time, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority revealed that they are looking for new tenants to occupy the newly developed 289-acre footprint.

The landscape was originally zoned for redevelopment for retail and residential purposes.

Those plans changed and fell through after the recent exit of Lennar Monmouth Developers.  They decided to pull their proposed investment last February.  That plan included over 300 residential units and 250,000 square feet of commercial space.

According to FMERA, a variety of other categories have been set as criteria for the new purchasers.  They include Clean Energy, Technology, Food and Beverage, and yes, the Film industry.  An odd addition to that list I know.  But still very exciting.

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Bruce Steadman, executive director of the FMERA, was not ready to comment on the rumors of Netflix being a contender then and still no official statement is available at this time.

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There does seem to be a "new" movement in the process of selling the former United States Army Base.

A new “Request For Offers To Purchase”, is currently being drafted by FMERA for review.  This is the official document used to solicit bids.  See the document dated March 19, 2021, here.

According to FMERA’s Robert Lucky, who is the executive board's vice-chairman, the window for bids closes early next year.

So let the waiting game continue.  Get comfortable on the couch and grab some popcorn.  We will be “binge” watching this development for the next several months.

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