From all the way on LV-426 to your playroom comes a Nerfified version of one of the most famous weapons in science fiction history. Hasbro announced today that they were marking the NERF LMTD ALIENS M41-A, sometimes referred to as the “pulse rifle” from James Cameron’s Aliens.

In the film, M41-A was wielded by the Colonial Marines, as well as by Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley. In real life, it fires Nerf darts and wouldn’t do much good against an actual alien. Still, the design is very close to the original movie prop. (Although the original prop definitely did not include the word “ALIENS” written on the side of the barrel.)

According to the Hasbro Pulse website, the Nerf pulse rifle includes “an electronic dart counter and movie-accurate blasting sounds” along “with Power Loader inspired design and dual-blasting action.” The Nerf rifle measures over 28 inches long, and comes with 10 Elite darts, 3 Mega darts, whatever those are. It will require 4 C batteries, though, and they ain’t included.

Here’s a gallery of images of the Nerf Aliens rifle.

Nerf Aliens M41-A Blaster

This new toy Nerfifies the weapon from the the classic James Cameron action movie.

In this famous scene from Aliens, Michael Biehn’s Corporal Hicks shows Ripley how to use a pulse rifle. (I’m pretty sure hers did not fire Nerf darts.) If you compare this scene to the Nerf version, they are pretty close, apart from the color scheme. But you could conceivably repaint yours to more closely match the version used in the film.

The M-41A from Nerf is available for pre-order now through October 31, 2021. (The actual release date is not specified; this is just the pre-order.) It ain’t cheap; it will cost you $94.99. But what would you pay for piece of mind about the possibility of invading xenomorphs?

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