So what if it's not the exact day the state was ratified?

Who doesn't love a celebration?  I was scrolling the internet today and found out that it's National New Jersey Day!  How cool is that?

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My findings also showed me that today isn't technically the day the state officially became part of the United States, (it's December 18th, by the way) and it's just an arbitrary day National Calendar Day picked.  While I'm all for historical accurateness, I also say, so what?

If Christmas can be celebrated in December and July, so can New Jersey!

There are so many great things to love about The Garden State, that we can't fit it all in one day.  We've got passionate, real people, delicious food, incredible beaches, and mountains.

Today is not a day to argue whether North Jersey is better than South Jersey; on National New Jersey Day, everyone wins!

Need some ways to celebrate our love for New Jersey?  How about indulging in some of the food we're famous for, like pork roll egg and cheese (I won't even budge on what to call that on National New Jersey Day), or a greasy, cheesy, slice of pizza?

You can also go take a walk down the boardwalk and admire how lucky we are to live where we do.

Or, you could binge-watch Jersey Shore.  Although I'm more of a Real Housewives of New Jersey girl myself.

Too long, didn't read?  It doesn't matter when New Jersey actually became a state.  Let's enjoy nice things and celebrate it whenever we want!

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