We showed you this photo yesterday and asked you if you could identify the very popular Jersey Shore location where it was taken, and we asked you to be specific, Did you get it?

Let's start with the easier part of this. I think most people who guessed knew this must be a spot at Jenkinson's Boardwalk, which was accurate, but it wasn't specific enough to be considered a correct answer.

So where exactly is this clown on Jenkinson's Boardwalk? It's actually the clown on the left of the entrance to the Fun House. If you guessed all of that, then you got it exactly right! And if you didn't specify left or right, we still give you credit for that!

Jenks Fun House
Photo, Diane Taylor Russo

We took this picture this past Saturday at the boardwalk. It was a gorgeous day, at least until the late afternoon and it was great seeing so many people enjoying local summer, or early Fall, however you want to look at it.

Congratulations if you got this one right and we'll have another photo quiz for you soon!

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