Were you able to identify a popular Jersey Shore building from just a photo and a few clues?

Many of your neighbors knew this one, and a few told me they didn't even need the picture. They just got it from the clues. Let's recap those clues in case you missed them.

(1) You feel and look better driving away from this place than you did when you drove to it.

(2) It's a post-snow Jersey Shore tradition

(3) It's in Monmouth County, but people travel from far and wide to wait in one of it's two lines.

We had a few good guesses that weren't correct. I thought the best one was Jersey Freeze in Freehold, which perfectly fits the clues, but isn't the building in the picture. So what was the right answer?

That's actually a picture of the very popular and very busy PJ's Car Wash in Spring Lake.You can see it better in the picture below. It's a popular spot for regular washes, but is extremely popular after a snow storm, right?

So thanks for all the answers and congratulations if you got it right! Once again, the official correct answer this time around is PJ's Car Wash in Spring Lake.

pj's car wash
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

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