Yes, finally Tupperware has found a forever home. Yes, you could find the best of all time, Tupperware at certain stores for only a short time. BUT, now we will always be able to get Tupperware when we want it.

Tupperware found a home in Target. Target is welcoming Tupperware to their stores and online.

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Tupperware has been around for more than 75 years and usually has Tupperware parties. The stores I was writing about were a limited pilot program that you might have been able to find Tupperware with retailers like HomeGoods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target, also, according to

Taylor Dickson
Taylor Dickson

CEO Miguel Fernandez said about the launch:

“Younger customers less familiar with direct sales will now find our brand in retail and from there can develop personalized relationships,” Fernandez wrote. “Customers who already love Tupperware parties — whether in-person or online — will now also be able to pick up their favorite essential food storage options at a store nearby.”

I remember the fun Tupperware parties my Mom and Nana would throw. Someone would always get a free Tupperware bowl, or bundle to take home. They would win it. It was always so much fun. Will there still be Tupperware parties? I'm sure there will be.

This is the perfect time for Tupperware to be launched in Target. Just in time for the holidays. I think I might have to shop at Target and pick out some Tupperware for my family as a Christmas present. Tupperware is like steel. They never lose their strength. They last and last and I love it.

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