TRENTON — The state's most-used government agency is reopening this month with some important changes.

The biggest difference after the three-month closure is that Motor Vehicle Commission locations are being separated into 23 Licensing Centers and 16 Vehicle Centers. A list of the centers is below.

MVC offices will begin processing drop-off and pick-up transactions on June 15.

Behind-the-wheel road tests resume June 29. The MVC tripled the number of road examiners in order to order to perform about 16,300 road tests a week, up from the previous 5,800 weekly average. Officials expect the road-test backlog to clear in about two months.

The MVC also has been installing Plexiglass barriers and floor markings to ensure social distancing at the facilities.

Customers and workers will be required to wear face coverings. People who cannot wear a face covering will be accommodated separately.

The MVC divided its facilities into dedicated centers in order to reduce crowding and speed up services.

Beginning June 15, Licensing Centers will process and validate permits on a drop-off basis while Vehicle Centers will process registration and title work from dealers and accept license plate surrenders.

Beginning June 29, Licensing Center will process new licenses and permits, out-of-state transfers and REAL ID appointments that were canceled when the MVC shut down on March 15. Also on June 29, some Vehicle Centers will be add individual registration and title transactions.

MVC centers

The MVC has continued to operate during the pandemic with an expanded menu of online services, including online commercial registration renewals. Expiration dates were also extended to the fall.

MVC Administrator Sue Fulton this week said that online license renewals and replacements increased by 160% while online registration renewals and replacements increased by 80%.

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