Have you heard?  The word just came down that masks are no longer required on New Jersey public transit.  I’m ready for that personally. If people want to wear one, by all means, but for the rest of us that have been double vaxed, boosted and probably actually had COVID I’m ready to breathe again.

Gov. Phil Murphy just made the announcement that NJ Transit as well as the South Jersey Transportation Authority will no longer require face masks.  A federal judge voided the federal mandate so here we are, back where we started.  This has been a looooooong two years and change. Are we done with COVID? No, but are we done with other life obstacles that we need to deal with daily?  No, we manage and evolve.  Maybe it is just time?

Up until yesterday, no matter the mode of transportation, we were covered but today in airports, bus stations, subways, ferries, and trains we are now able to make the choice.

This may be confusing since Philly just re-instated their indoor mask mandate.  We just had another 900 cases reported but that is significantly lower than it has been. Some would say it was because of the mask-wearing and some others would say that unless they there KN95s or N95s then the masks were nothing more than good optics.

I’m sure that people were getting together for Easter and hugging and kissing and there will be a spike to follow.  What do you guys think about all of this?

Mask or not, we are all much cleaner than we used to be. We are wiping surfaces left and right but there are some things you NEVER want to use those wipes on!

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