A reoccurring nightmare for those in radio has to do with turning the microphone on one day and having nothing to say.  Today is the day that nightmare is more like a dream come true because we know that all dreams are not pleasant.

I simply have nothing today but this segment is sponsored and I’ve always felt a strong allegiance to them so I have to find a way to fill two minutes.  Remember when I used to humbly call this “the best two minutes in radio?”  That’s a stretch today.

Listen, I could always offer something on what’s taking place with our government or lack of government in some cases.  Like you though I’m just tired of hearing Washington politicians and their grandstanding.  It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on. They go back and forth like a tennis match and the American people are just the ball.

Speaking of that, I could offer something on this week’s Final Four as March Madness moves into April.  Truth is I have less interest in this year’s NCAA Tournament than ever before.  Part of it has to do with my bracket being busted so early and the other part is I miss having teams like Villanova and Duke.  I guess I’m rooting for South Carolina. My son almost went to school there.

The Major League Baseball season begins on Sunday, Maybe I’ll do something on that tomorrow.  I’m a Mets fan and the glass is already half empty.

I feel bad for the high school athletes who play spring sports because they get the short end of the deal when it comes to weather.  Baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis and golf were not meant for 35 degree days and just when the weather finally gets nice their season is over.  Plus golf should be a fall sport anyway because kids can play in the summer and be ready when the season begins.

I could talk about…oh wow it appears my time is up.  Maybe I’ll have something to say tomorrow.


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