I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I came across Pete “Mugs” Oliver or Chef "Petey Mugs” as his friends and customers know him. Instead of promoting his own BBQ catering business, Big Time BarBQue, he was singing the praises of other local businesses and asking people to support them. In a dog-eat-dog world that brand of kindness caught my attention, especially during COVID.
I wanted to learn more about the Middletown businesses Pete speaks so highly of, Sabatos Prime Meats

Sabatos Prime Meats

and Nature’s Harvest...

Nature's Harvest

But I also wanted to know more about the man behind the gesture, the guy pulling for his fellow small businesses. I would like you to meet Pete “Mugs” Oliver, owner of Big Time BarBQue…he’s been cooking for over 30 years and locals will tell you that he's more than everyone’s friend, he makes mind-blowing BBQ with his personal smoker at your house.

Chef Pete "Mugs" Oliver Cooking up a storm with Big Time BarBQue

I asked Pete how he got started and he gave me an answer that sounded very familiar. He told me that if you’re Italian, you know food is everything…it’s literally love on a plate! His Grandma Rose was his inspiration and every time he cooks he knows Grandma Rose is with him in spirit…every meal is his best, because it's in honor of her.

Chef Pete's work

Pete is proudly from Staten Island where he learned the value of hard work, treating people right and giving credit where credit is due. He brings those values to his current business based out of Belford, inside of Middletown.  He says he can’t make this dream work alone. “Sabatos Prime Meats and Nature’s Harvest hold a special place in my heart. I get all of my meat for catering from Sabatos and I get all my salads (potato macaroni and cole slaw) from Nature’s Harvest. Both places have supported me from day one!  I’m going on my tenth season of catering and both of these businesses have been by my side!”

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This is one unique BBQ operation! Pete specializes in going to a client’s home and cooking onsite making the host a Barbecue star at their own party! He rolls up with his smoker and secret homemade rub and wows the crowd! His meats are gluten and peanut free, which is of huge importance now a days.
Pete put things in perspective for me when he said, “people are so used to going to barbecues and getting burgers and dogs! That’s not barbecue, that’s grilling!” I never thought of it that way but he is SO right. A BBQ should be a BBQ!  "There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing my client wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh barbecue smoking away in their driveway! I have regular clients tell me that their kids will leave their bedroom window open just to get the smell from the smoker in their bedrooms!"
Pete means serious business…when he caters your BBQ, he shows up around 1:30-2:00 am to start smoking your custom menu with his personal smoker while you snooze away! All of his meats are cooked to order.  Imagine being at your own BBQ under strict orders to keep a drink in your hand, and simply enjoy your guests! Pete takes care of the rest. You better get on the books fast…Big Time is so popular they book up 6-9 months in advance but you never know when he can fit you in so it's worth a call.

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Chef Pete also sells his custom Rub and you can buy it at bigtimebarbque.com or even better, go see his friends Sabatos Prime Meats, Nature’s Harvest or Livoti’s in Middletown! Tell em’ Chef Pete sent ya!

Chef Pete's signature BarBQue rub

Chef Pete also wants to thank his mentor, Chef Jacob “ Jack “Ovadia. According to Pete, "Jack taught me how a business should be run and how a customer should be treated!”

I love a guy who knows how to thank others and let them shine…it stopped me in my tracks and made me want to highlight him! We need more of that, businesses and people helping each other. There's room to let everyone thrive in this world and Chef Pete reminded me that there are sill people out there with hearts as big as the brisket they BBQ.

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