There are some strange laws that are still on the books in New Jersey and today we're going to check out a few of them .

One of these laws was recently mentioned in an article at the Daily Meal, according to, and it reminds us that in the Garden State it is an offense to be wearing a bulletproof vest when trying to murder someone. What?

That's not all. We found these other laws as well. Did you know that it is not legal for a man to knit during fishing season? And there are rules of the road you might not be aware of as well.

Were you aware that if you are passing anyone while driving you are supposed to beep? That goes for passing cars, bicycles, skateboarders and more. And all this time we thought all the beeping was because we have a bad attitude here at the shore!

And here's one for pickle lovers. If you're in Trenton and you take a bite out of a pickle that turns out to be bad, don't throw it in the street. If you do, you just broke the law.

You can check out some other laws that might surprise you at

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