Long Branch, Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach are getting another round of beach replenishment.

The beachfill projects, set to begin on Thursday, complement other replenishment projects completed in the same three municipalities this past summer.

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Approximately 1 million cubic yards of sand are to be restored at the beaches that are repeatedly torn up by tidal activity and storms. If there are no weather or mechanical delays, the work is expected to be completed by the end of November.

"We weren't sure the money was going to come through, but we did get it," said Congressman Frank Pallone, D-N.J. 6th District, who held a press conference in Long Branch on Monday to discuss the projects.

The price tag of this round is $20 million, Pallone said. The majority of funding comes from the federal government, he said. The rest is covered by the state and county.

Pallone worked with the Army Corps of Engineers, which does the beachfill work, and the state Department of Environmental Protection to create a plan for sand distribution. According to Pallone's office, sand will be placed in:

  • Sea Bright, from Tradewinds Lane north to Center Street
  • Long Branch, from South Broadway to Joline, just south of Seven Presidents Park
  • Monmouth Beach, from Cottage Road and slightly into Sea Bright

"Coastal restoration projects like beach replenishment ensure our beautiful beaches will remain safe and enjoyable for residents and tourists for years to come," Pallone said.

The Army Corps periodically surveys beaches to determine their ability to withstand adverse weather events.

"It protects the infrastructure — the roads, the boardwalk, the utilities," Pallone said. "If you have to go in after a major storm and redo those, it costs a lot more money than the beach replenishment."

Work that began at the end of 2019 pumped more than 1.3 million cubic yards of sand to the shores of Sea Bright, Long Branch and Monmouth Beach.

"This summer's beach replenishment project created larger and more beautiful beaches in Long Branch at a time when it was able to significantly benefit our local economy," said Long Branch Mayor John Pallone. "This project extension will continue to enhance both our city and our natural resources."

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