When Mother’s Day comes along, I think about just how important my Mom is to me. I think about what a monumental task it is to be a Mom. I watch my wife making sacrifices without a second thought. And I see the endless worrying and the endless love.

There is no way to ever thank Moms enough for what they have done or what they do. Not even close. But we should try. I think letting Moms know that we know how hard their job is and how we have no idea how to they do all they do is a good start. All the juggling, all the support and all the love, and they do it gladly, and consistently, and without hesitation. It’s amazing.

A special note to my Mom…I know it’s not enough, but thank you Mom..for being a great Mom, and for being who you are. We should really make this whole month Mother’s month…still not enough, but a little closer. I love you, Mom!!

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