O.M.G... are you ready for the world's newest donut? This is something I've never seen before in my life...I don't think any of us have. Are you ready for the Mochinut?!?!?

Japanese Mochi has met the American donut and it is absolute perfection.

Photo credit: Mochinut IG
Photo credit: Mochinut IG

So they look beautiful but why do they have that cool shape?  What do they taste like? I have the answers!

So the Mochi donut started in Hawaii.  It is a combo of a regular donut with a Japanese mochi fried inside.  It may be the texture that are making people love this donut more than most...it is light, and has a kind of crispy coating but when you bite into it the gooey rice mixture gives it a chewy inside!  Yes, I like to fight with my food a little. Come on...don't tell me you don't want to play mouth tug of war with your Jersey bagel too!  This is the sweet version of that.

How are they different? Mochi Donuts are made with rice flour. That's the magic that makes Mochi Donuts stretchy and chewy. The bite is totally different from the regular donuts we grew up with.

Everyone is buzzing about Mochinut mostly because of it's unique shape which is made of a connected circle of 8 dough balls.

Plus let's be real...you are making a statement when you show up to a gathering with a box of these gorgeous treats. They come in tons of unique flavors too...yep, they will ship them if you are not close!  Here is their IG with locations.

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