As a reader and subscriber to “Men’s Health” I found it rather shocking that a poll in this month’s issue revealed that 68 per cent of men suspect they have some form of a mental health problem but have not talked to a doctor about it.

That poll of almost 1,000 men resulted in some interesting results:

  • When asked if they suspected they had a mental health problem 30% said they would work through it on their own. 19% would turn to their partner for advice and 18% would seek a doctor.  11% would first head to the internet.
  • Work was the biggest source for men not being happy followed by money, their partner and weight.
  • 42% said that when something really great happens to them that feeling of being happy only lasts hours…29% said it will last for days. Meanwhile 4% said nothing ever great happens to them.
  • When we are feeling down 31% of us turn to exercise to improve our mood while 21% resort to alcohol or food.
  • 32% of men said they have 4 or more really close friends that have their backs….13% said they have none. At the same time nearly half of the men surveyed admitted they have fewer close friends then ten years ago.
  • When asked how frequently they feel lonely or isolated 38% said “sometimes” while 29% responded “often.”
  • More than 1-in-3 admitted to having suicidal thoughts.
  • The average man graded himself a “C” when it came to his mental health and happiness.
  • 45% said once or twice a week they just lose it and have either a public or private meltdown of some kind. 35% said that never happens to them.
  • In regards to crying, 45% admitted they have cried within the last month while 28% said in the last year. 19% said it was more than a year ago when they last cried and 8% said “men don’t cry.”  I rarely go a day or two without crying, usually while viewing something on Facebook.






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