I think most of us would agree that there is a greater focus on mental health than ever before and if you read or watch the news you know that it’s not nearly enough.  It seems that the issue of mental health was one which for many years was treated like a big secret which clearly made things even worse.  Now it’s come out in the open and at least we are talking more about it although for a variety of reasons the illness seems to greater than ever before.

A poll of some 1,000 men revealed that 68% of them suspect they have some form of a mental health problem but yet they have not sought any medical help.  I’m sure the main reason is men were often raised with the attitude that things like that should be kept to yourself…it wasn’t manly to share.

Anyway here are some other results from that poll:

  • Work was the biggest source for men not being happy followed by money, their partner and weight.
  • When we are feeling “blue” 31% of us turn to exercise to improve our mood while 21% resort to food or alcohol.
  • Just over 30% of men said they have 4 or more really close friends that have their backs…13% said they have none. Meanwhile more than half of the men surveyed admitted they have fewer close friends then 10 years ago.
  • When asked how frequently they feel lonely or isolated 38% said “sometimes” while 29% responded “often.”
  • More than 1-in-3 admitted to having suicidal thoughts.
  • The average man graded himself a “C” when it came to his mental health and happiness.
  • 45% admitted they have cried within the last month while 28% said in the last year. Some 20% said it was more than a year ago when they last cried and 8% said “men don’t cry.”

I rarely go a day without crying…usually over something I have seen or read especially when it comes to my sports teams.



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