LYNDHURST — Performers from the only Medieval Times venue in New Jersey have voted to unionize.

The collective of actors, stunt performers and stable hands now known as Medieval Times Performers United is affiliated with the American Guild of Variety Artists, following a 26 to 11 vote on Friday.

Among those applauding the workers was Gov. Phil Murphy, who tweeted his congratulations, adding "This victory will help create a fairer, safer, and more equitable workplace.”

“We are excited to have won our union and grateful for the solidarity shown by our coworkers. The guidance and assistance of AGVA’s staff and members was instrumental in getting us through this process, and we are proud to join AGVA and the broader labor movement,” a written statement said.

The new union planned to bargain a strong first contract, aimed at “a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable Medieval Times.”

Medieval Times has struggled with staffing, security and safety after reopening from its COVID-19 pandemic closure, according to a previous statement from organizing committee members.

The American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) is an AFL-CIO-affiliated labor union founded in 1939 to represent performing artists and stage managers in the "variety" field.

The New Jersey Medieval Times castle is among 10 locations in North America.

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