I always liked bike riding so a couple of years ago I bought myself a beach cruiser.  I haven't ridden in so long that I practiced going around the neighborhood and after a few laps I kept wondering why can't I handle this bike?

Come to find out where I bought it from just wanted a sale and never matched me with a size appropriate bicycle, so I gave it to my girlfriend's daughter who was much bigger than myself and put the idea of riding on the back burner for a while - that was until last Spring when I went to Beachwood Bicycles, spent about 3 hours with a wonderful salesgirl along with a test ride to find the perfect match for me. I brought the bike home and was able to ride the bike a total of 3 times until my granddaughter came over and hinted about how she needed to start training for lacrosse and along with that came "Gram can I borrow your bike?" So, of course I said "Sure G of course you can." Long story short, that was a year ago.

Since then I have not have seen my beautiful custom fitted bike in a year so here I go again, back to Beachwood Bicycles to purchase another with a lock!  Where I was really going with this,  Where can I ride safely without having to worry about getting hit by a car? Any Suggestions?


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