Since it became official that marijuana would be legalized in the Garden State, I have been seeing ALL SORTS of different headlines.

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First, there were New Jerseyans who were trying to get this legalization reversed.

Um, why?

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Once that clearly failed, there were a lot of others to follow up.

For example, what the age limit will be, how it will be handled if those who are underage are caught with marijuana and which towns will allow marijuana sales and  recreational usage.

And to my surprise...a lot of Jersey towns are banning marijuana all together.

Brick has said NO. 

Point Pleasant has said NO.

Brigantine has said NO.

Middle Township has the most specific set of rules thus far regarding where marijuana WON'T be allowed.

My question is: What is the big deal?

I have a few points to make.

1. This will help our economy - and you all know we need the help after COVID-19. Not only will this create more jobs but if marijuana is regulated...that means it is taxed.

And when something is taxed, guess where that money is going: right back to the state which in turn is right back to us.

2. Scared of ruining the "family vibes" - I have heard  of a lot of towns banning the sale of marijuana because of how it will effect their reputation.

But just like what MTV's Jersey Shore did to Seaside Heights, it is a stigma.

There are SO MANY parents, uncles, grandmas and grandpas who smoke weed because there are benefits. (It helps with anxiety and seizures just to name a few)

And just like alcohol or cigarettes, kids can be around it if the situation is handled properly.

I've seen people be affected in worse ways from alcohol than I have from marijuana. Trust will be fine. If anything, everyone on the boardwalk will just move a little slower and eat more boardwalk food. LOL

3. People are using it anyway - there are a lot of people who have already broken away from the stigma that marijuana is awful and use it on a daily basis.

And guess where they are smoking it -- in their own homes in these Jersey Shore towns that are banning it.

I'm not saying we should all light up in the middle of the beach....but just like alcohol, it is out there and whether you ban it or not, it will still be there.

I am going to beg our officials to be a little more lax on this topic.

I get it is new territory and change can be hard.

But maybe after the year we have all had, some marijuana would do us all some good.

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