A Manchester police officer was justified in shooting an 18-year-old who allegedly tried to stab him in 2016, according to findings by the offices of the New Jersey Attorney General and Ocean County Prosecutor.


Reviews in both offices concluded that deadly force against LiMichael Shine was justified, and that no grand jury presentation is warranted.

According to authorities, Shine originated the 911 call that sent three uniformed officers to Robin Street on July 31, 2016. The caller was described as a suicidal man with unknown weapons. Authorities said that he informed the operator that he was a Marine with anger issues, and said that "you will see people laughing" as soon as the first patrol car arrived.

Unclear regarding Shine's exact whereabouts, two officers parked about a block away from Robin Street and began to approach it while a third arrived from another direction and secured the area.

They found Shine in a driveway on Robin Street, next to a red vehicle with a shattered rear window. Upon engaging Shine, he told officers that he had a knife, and "to put the red dot on his forehead and pull the trigger and to do it quickly," authorities said.

The distraught Shine allegedly told officers that he had a knife in his waistband, and threatened to stab them, producing it as he began to quickly count backwards from 15. Authorities said that Shine lunged at an officer from a distance of about 20 feet. The officer fired one round, hitting Shine in the chest, and Shine dropped to the ground about 10 feet from the officer, authorities said.

Shine died at Community Medical Center in Toms River. The gunshot wound was determined to be the cause of death.

Investigators said that they found a two-page suicide note inside the red vehicle, apologizing in advance to whichever officer would be induced into firing, apologizing to his parents, and the Marines. The note included user names and passwords, authorities said..

The report catalogued corroborating statements from nearby residents who watched the confrontation, affirming that they saw Shine advance on the officers and pull "a knife or silver object" from his belt.

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