A Manchester man with a similar motive and footprint to a recent reported burglary in the township has been arrested for stealing $3,000 worth of tools.

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Manchester Police said in a statement regarding the heist last weekend at a home on Beckerville Road, that as he was investigating Officer Robert Maccaquano used "knowledge of a past burglary involving a small motorized bicycle", which is exactly what witnesses told him was in the area this time around.

The caller who reported the theft toll police that someone entered his garage and vehicle and then stole the tools while riding around on a small motorized bicycle.

Patrolman Maccaquano used what he knew from a recent similar crime to identify 42-year-old Ronald Marcinczyk as a possible suspect and as the investigation pressed on, that's who was arrested for the heist.

It was the sound of the small motorized bicycle that helped add it all up for Patrolman Maccaquano in cracking the case.

Police say all the stolen items have been recovered and Marcinczyk has been charged with two counts of burglary and one count of theft.

Marcinczyk was brought to the Ocean County Jail after processing pending a detention hearing.

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