A 62-year-old New Jersey man has just become a local hero after completing the feat of running the entire length of the Garden State in under three days.

Ray Pinney, of Boonton Township in Morris County, began his 196-mile journey in Branchville Friday at noon and ended up in Cape May around 5 a.m. Monday.

It only took Pinney an impressive 65 hours to run that far, which he tells NJ.com was about half a day later than he had hoped.

Some may think Pinney is crazy for attempting to run nearly 200 miles in one shot, so why did he do it? Well, it was partly a personal goal since he's a seasoned marathoner, and partly to raise money for a good cause. Pinney's run reportedly raised about $6,000 for Dylan's Wings of Change a nonprofit organization for children and teens, according to NJ.com.

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Post-marathon Pinney told NJ.com he expects to lose a few toenails from his experience, which sounds absolutely horrid, lol, but what he did is pretty easy to marvel at.

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