Have you ever wanted to create your very own beer? Now, you can! This sounds like a super fun thing to do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, or even family this time of year.

'This nanobrewery called, “My Local Philly Works” , is a local brewery based in Philadelphia that is allowing customers to come in and create custom beers from scratch!

I follow this Instagram account called wooder_ice and they posted that this brewery specializes in special events, contract brewing, and direct-to-public sales just launched their new package called the brand new Bespoke Brewing Package.


If you decide to get a group together and purchase the package, you’ll be able to go into the brewery and create your very own, custom beer from scratch!

I found this so awesome because I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of another brewery, at least in our area, offering anything like this! This is also perfect if you’re a very picky beer drinker, you can not only experience a once-in-a-lifetime event like this but alter your craft beer exactly to your taste buds.

According to wooderice.com, by the time you complete creating and brewing your very own beer, it’ll be about 6 hours.

This really makes you appreciate your favorite beer distributors a lot more knowing how long this process takes! If you’re looking to make a reservation or learn any more information, check out their Facebook which is linked here or on their website, mylocalbrewworks.com! My Local Brew Works is located at 4500 Worth Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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