So for many of us as our family ages and our kids get older, so do our family pets. Many of us now have "senior" pets at home and we continue to love them into their golden years.

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Our little guy Dexter is going on 15 and we are trying to make his final years as enjoyable as possible and maybe YOU at home are doing the same thing with your "senior" pets.

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What we did to help our Dex was to get him some wheels lol yes we got him a pet stroller. Dexter loves to go out for his walk but his legs, eyes, and ears don't wanna cooperate so we needed to help him out.

April reached out and a friend gave us a pet stroller to try out. It does wonders for Dex to be able to get outside in the sunshine and see (not that great) the neighborhood and smell the air and stimulate his brain. It helps our dog sleep when he gets stimulation like a walk, without stressing his he sits back and enjoys the ride.


Shawn Michaels


What's great about the pet stroller is it has a "leash" built into the stroller seat so you can hook to your pets collar and then won't jump out on you. There is also a netting to keep bugs out and a roof to keep too much sun or possibly rain off their head. It's a perfect way for your older pet to go out see the world and not risk injury.

Another great thing, we get our steps in taking him around so it's a "win win" for all of us. Do you at home take your pets out for a walk in their own "stroller" ? Love to hear your stories of what you do for your "senior" pets ....


Shawn Michaels


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