Charlie Puth was as awesome as always!  We had him on the Jersey Shore Morning Show to talk about his new song Light Switch and we found out so much more!  Where did Charlie hang out growing up in Rumson?  Where did he have his first kiss?  Did a childhood trauma that almost cost him his life create a lifelong fear?  We got answers to all of it!

Zoom Interview with Charlie Puth Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Zoom Interview with Charlie Puth Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Charlie has a ton of Jersey pride and he remembered hanging out at Nelly's Pizzeria, Krauszer's in Fair Haven, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Quickstop in Atlantic Highlands, Hartshorne Woods Park, Huber Woods Park, Holy Cross Academy, Forrestdale School, Sandy Hook Beach, and Wind Mill for that sweet chicken sandwich with extra pickles.

We like to invade a celeb's privacy when we can and Charlie Puth is an open book! I was wondering where in New Jersey he had his very first kiss.  He was only 13 and he made the move at Driftwood Cabana Club in Sea Bright.  He says he didn't have game but that setting was pretty on point!

Then we dug into some childhood trauma for a minute.  Charlie was a victim of a brutal dog attack when he was just a 2-year-old little boy. He had traumatic injuries that were actually life-threatening. We asked him if he has a fear of dogs to this day and his answer was beautiful.  He was attacked by a black lab so as an adult, he rescued a black lab and named him Charlie. He wanted to finish that story with a loving ending.

Of course, he gave us an inside scoop on creating Light Switch with us in real-time on TikTok.

Here is his appearance on the Jersey Shore Morning Show ICYMI:

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