Let me start by saying I learned this morning that the coronavirus has created a new word.  It’s not one you will likely find in Webster’s Dictionary but has been created by the Urban Dictionary.

COVIDIOT is what we can now call those who refuse the practice the proper preventative measures during the growing pandemic. And there are many COVIDIOTS out there.

I think we are starved for good news and if you look you’ll see there are many people and organizations doing really good things during these really bad times.

There have been countless stories of restaurants like The Office Restaurant & Lounge in Toms River who have donated food to law enforcement and healthcare workers during this crisis and here’s another one.

Brian Costanzo worked at The Crab’s Claw Inn while he was attending West Virginia University and now owns East Coast Roofing Products.  Along with his wife Mandy they wanted to do something for the doctors, nurses and staff at Community Medical Center who have been working tirelessly day and night.

The Costanzo’s’ teamed up with Chef Craig Korb of the popular Lavallette restaurant and the couple donated 160 complete meals which were delivered to the hospital Tuesday to staff in various departments.

On her Facebook page Mandy said she and Brian learned by watching the Hammer family (Crab’s Claw owners) how important it is to support your local community in hard times whenever you can.

She has also challenged others to help someone in need and that is the attitude that will help us navigate through the tough times ahead.

Speaking of tough times, the Wallach Family was in the egg business during the Great Depression and some 90 years later they are still in business but as they say “we ain’t just eggs.”

Wallach’s Farm Market & Deli on Route 9 in Toms River is meeting the needs and the community and is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is fully stocked with fresh produce, dairy, prepared meals and of course plenty of eggs and yes even toilet paper.

They are also practicing safe shopping by limiting the number of customers in the store and even providing gloves.  A good family-owned local business.

Stay healthy my friends!

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