Local author and loyal Listener Friend Janis Aumack has released a very interesting book Bite Me: Dilemma and Delight in a Meter Reader's Life.  Take a look at her fun tales of dogs and life as a meter reader and read Marianne's full book review! 

Bite Me

Janis sent a copy of her book to Marianne, who absolutely fell in love with it.  Here is her FULL review:

I HIGHLY recommend this book especially if you are a animal lover, but even if you are not it was a fun and touching read and you will never look at your meter reader the same ever again!!!

I love OUR LISTENER FRIENDS... Bob and I have been doing this thing we call Bob and Marianne in The Morning come April 7th, 14 years!! Over those years we have received gifts of all kinds from little trinkets to a kitten and a whole lotta food and in between those, plenty of books - especially from local authors. Now, being honest I didn't read them all because they just didn't capture my interest, but this one WAS one of the ones that did (frankly because there was a dog on the front and inside info... if you want my attention, attach a picture of a dog somewhere).  Anyway, in my mailbox Thursday was a media package and I knew it was another book… I opened it, read the back, sounded good, turned to the front page and before I knew it I had read through 4 chapters at the bottom and top of each hour and couldn't wait to get home to finish it ...all 236 pages!

Janis made me feel like I was right beside her the whole 30 years she was a meter reader!  Now think about it... you see a meter reader and you think, "Huh, cinche job walking from house to house everyday".  Well when you read Bite Me, you'll never think that way again!   Ok enough from me, take my word and get this book... I loved it and I love Janis Aumack…
Let me know what you think!!

The book is currently available for purchase online at Amazon.com.  To make a purchase or for more details click HERE.


Have you read Bite Me?  What did you think?  Let us know your opinions or if you plan on buying it let us know!

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