When it comes to interesting architecture in New Jersey, one of the most unique features here in the Garden State is our lighthouses. New Jersey has spectacular lighthouses up and down the coastline.

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What’s unique about our Jersey lighthouses is that each has its own unique style and architecture. Various types of lighthouses. From cone shaped ones like Old Barney and the Absecon Lighthouse to more house like ones like the Tuckerton and Sea Girt Lighthouse. All the New Jersey lighthouses have their own unique look and style.


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Our oldest operating lighthouse in the United States is right here in New Jersey. Originally beginning service in 1764, the Sandy Hook Lighthouse is both unique and historic.

Both the Barnegat and Absecon lighthouses are the tallest in New Jersey at about 171 feet tall.

Some of the lighthouses you can climb yourself and some are not available to climb. The Absecon Lighthouse has 228 steps, that’s a climb. Barnegat Light, better known as Ole’ Barney, has 217 steps…I have done several climbs up and down Ole’ Barney over the years.

If you have a chance on your next trip to the Garden State be sure to check out some of our amazing lighthouses and be sure to take a bunch of pics it’s definitely a “must see” while in Jersey.

Scroll through and enjoy photos from some of our most beautiful lighthouses here in New Jersey and go check them out in person.


Lighthouses of New Jersey


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