Whoever can relate raise their hand! Sunday night I had a problem with my internet service, I had none. So, I called my provider (I'm letting them remain anonymous) after about an hour on the phone I asked, "Can you please just send a technician tomorrow?" So, she set it up where he would be there between 1p and 3p. About 1:30p I had this gut feeling nobody was going to show so I called and they couldn't understand why the girl who put the order in scheduled a time but neglected to notify a technician.

Now there is where I'm going to make a long story very short. 5 people and 4 hours later they should be at my house between 11a and 1p today. So, I'll wait and see and report tomorrow. I'll tell you this much be one day late on a payment they know who and where you are but when it comes to service I think it's time for me to rethink about my provider. Are you happy with yours and if so would your share them with me please?

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