I can’t explain exactly why I fear my doctor when in truth I like him very much.

Kevin Williams starts to get in shape for his next checkup
Kevin Williams starts to get in shape for his next checkup (Brad Burascano, Townsquare Media NJ)

I’ve known Dr. Robert Scott since he was a little kid growing up on Pelican Island, remember him working for his dad on the boardwalk in Seaside Park and as an athlete in the early days of Toms River High School East.  His younger brother Joe is the head basketball coach at the University of Denver and was a celebrated high school and college athlete. 

I’ve known his father Bob for well over 40 years. He was my freshman health teacher at Ocean County College.  Bob, who is a principal in a few Three Brothers from Italy Pizza locations in Seaside, was a longtime basketball official and one of the best around.

I say all this to establish that I know the family and I’m really happy that Dr. Scott, who practices in Toms River, is my general physician.  So why is it that I fear my twice-a-year scheduled visits and sit in the waiting room like a student in trouble waiting to get called into the principal’s office?  The answer is actually quite simple: it’s the 15 or 20 pounds I promised him I’d lose six months earlier. 

Without boring you about my general health, which is pretty good, Dr. Scott has told me that weight can make all the difference in the world.  And I know when I step on the scale, even with gym shorts on and no shoes the number that comes up is not the number I need it to be.  So after getting weighed in by the nurse yesterday I waited anxiously for him to come in, review my lab work and tell me the obvious, which he did. 

The strange thing is I felt like I was disappointing him by not dropping the pounds which I promised during my last appointment when in truth I should have been disappointed in myself.  I mean, he has many other patients to worry about and I know several of them who by the way feel the same way I do. They also fight the weight issue and know he’s going to challenge them to drop some pounds which will drop the risk of several health-related issues.

So I left Dr. Scott’s office yesterday like I had been given a temporary pardon by the Governor.  However my next day in medical court is November 30th and I’ve got to live up to my promise this time: 15 pounds less.  Of course it’s the summer and a hard time to diet so I might wait a week (or 8) before really getting into it.

But mark my words, I’m walking in his office the next time with confidence and without fear. Or I’ll postpone the appointment.


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