A friend of mine reached out to me and asked if I knew about any parades or Irish festivals happening in the area. I said I didn't, as parades have been canceled in this area, and with COVID restrictions, I think a lot of festivals are canceled as well. However, I wanted to poke around and see what I could find and boom, that's when Laurita Winery's Instagram popped up with a post about a Shamrock Festival they're having this weekend. According to their website, their Shamrock Festival is taking place this Saturday and Sunday (March 6th & 7th). All safety measures will be taken and reservations are required for parties larger than 2 for $11. Reservations are for 2 and a half hours. There will be Irish food, dancing, and music. I've attended their Irish festivals before and they are a blast.

I love Laurita Winery. I visit often, and I even had one of my bachelorette parties there. (Yes, I had two) They had festivals all the time before the pandemic and I think they are very excited to see things get better so they can get back to having tons of people come and visit their winery for festivals and on the weekends just to taste some wines and walk around their beautiful vineyard. Now that my hubby and I are vaccinated, I am very excited to start stepping outside my comfort zone and start doing fun things again. I love wine and I love having day dates and date nights with my husband. I am look forward to this new world where people are vaccinated against COVID-19 and we can all start to smile again.

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