Three legal topics, one day and at one location in Lakewood township next week where residents can ask a variety of questions at an upcoming workshop run by the Ocean County Courts.

Ocean County Courthouse
Ocean County Courthouse (photo courtesy of Ocean County Website)


"The courts can provide avenues for court users to get the assistance that they need," Assistant Civil Division Manager for the Ocean County Courts, James Castaneda said.

He adds that it's a community outreach initiative to give residents an opportunity to ask questions on three set topics.

"Landlord and tenant court issues and procedures, child support termination and immigration petition and support services," Castaneda said.

Instead of three separate workshops, he says they felt it would be more helpful to hold one for residents.

"To get what they need in terms of the legal questions in regards to these topics," Castaneda said.

Castaneda says they'll be a couple different organizations on site.

"The South Jersey Legal Services which provides free legal aide for the areas that they cover, We have Solutions to End Poverty Soon, which is The STEPS Program which has been working with the Lakewood community for a long time assisting with housing problems and other community needs," Castaneda said. "We also have Catholic Charities, which has accredited case managers providing civil legal assistance in terms of immigration support."

The upcoming workshop takes place October 17th at the Ocean County Library in Lakewood.

Anyone who can't make it or has more questions is asked to call the Ocean County Courts Ombudsman Jessica Strugibenetti at 732-929-2063 with the Ocean County Legal Research and Information Center.

He says their office is open to bringing the workshop to other towns as well.

"If there's any part of our jurisdiction in Ocean County that wishes to avail community outreach programs, we would certainly be interested in assisting," Castaneda said.

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