Two Lakewood residents are arrested in Howell for allegedly committing a pair of burglaries over the last week and a half on Lanes Pond Road and Larabee Boulevard.

In one of the incidents Branco Torres, 47, and his girlfriend Rebecca Alvarado, 48, were spotted on a surveillance camera looting a man's home while he watched at work.

The first burglary they're accused of committing occurred on August 28 at a Larabee Boulevard house after the homeowner walked in and found a window air conditioning unit gone as well as some jewelry and a laptop computer worth about $1,500.00.

On September 4 police heard from the homeowner of a house on Lanes Pond Road who was viewing burglars in his home on his cell phone in real time via an interior surveillance camera and phone application.

Torres and Alvarado fled the home before police got there which is when officers found the side-door forced open and costume jewelry stolen.

After police posted the interior surveillance footage of the suspects committing the burglary anonymous tips started pouring in.

Tipsters identified Torres and Alvarado as the suspects which was later corroborated by investigators.

Torres and Alvarado were then arrested at their home on Deer Path in Lakewood.

Alvarado was wearing a red wig to try and disguise her appearance at the time of the arrest.

Police conducted a search of their vehicle and home and all the stolen proceeds from both burglaries were recovered and returned to the victims.

Torres was charged with third degree burglary and third degree theft and was transported to the Monmouth County Correctional Institute.

Alvarado was charged with the same burglary and theft statutes but only for the Lanes Pond Road burglary and was also transported to MCCI.

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