VOORHEES — Any police department across the country will tell you that shoplifting is wrong and shouldn't be done.

The Voorhees Police Department took that message one step further with a Facebook post discouraging potential shoplifters from wearing identifying clothing and being unaware of a store's security cameras.

In the post, a group of women is shown in the Wine Warehouse last month where police say they put several wine bottles in a beach bag and walked out of the store. With one of the women wearing a brightly colored shirt and another wearing a blue shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, police said they hope it will make it easier to identify the suspects.

"These ladies are trying to redefine wine and cheese night," the post said. "Instead of the traditional definition, they steal wine and then cheese for the security cameras."

Using the hashtag #WineandCheezin, the department also chided the women for "getting Mickey Mouse involved."

Police are asking anyone who can help identify the women to call 856-428-5400 or the department's anonymous tipline at 856-627-7174. Information can also be sent to the department's website.

The Voorhees women are not the only people of interest with distinguishing clothing in Camden County. Police in the county seat are looking for a woman they say took a wallet from a city store wearing a "God Heal Camden" shirt.

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