I love to be inspired, especially nowadays. Sometimes I get to meet really cool people who are doing really powerful things. When I learned about Kenneth Ciesla and heard his story, I had to highlight him here!  Kenneth is from Jersey, born and raised.  We all know that being from here makes us tough by nature, but it still can't prepare you for news like he got back in 2008.  Kenneth was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the very same year he was blessed with a baby girl named Sophia. Imagine the mixture of those emotions... feeling so blessed to be a dad, but also feeling so frightened of this dark diagnosis.  Kenneth was told that he would spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Most of us, me included, would be devastated by such news and retreat a least for a while, but Kenneth decided his MS diagnosis was a blessing. He told me, “It really was a blessing because it was the catalyst for the changes I needed to make in my life and to take charge of my health. As a new father I didn’t see it as a choice. I decided I would beat this disease so I can be the best father I can be.”

Photo credit: Kenneth Ciesla
Photo credit: Kenneth Ciesla

Kenneth is convinced that stress is a major factor not only in his disease but in all diseases. So, he decided to get to work on an App that reduces the stress that surrounds what we all stress about most...money.

Today, Kenneth follows a holistic protocol with stress reduction being at the forefront and he has been symptom free for 12 years. I wondered why he wanted to take more on when most people would have slowed down and Kenneth explained, “A main root of stress for me was handling money. I used to have anxiety each time I’d look at my bank account. I had to learn another way.” He wanted to reduce stress for himself and for all of us.
That is when The Wealth Power financial tracker App was born!

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Nearly 50% of us aren’t prepared for a financial emergency, and without savings, it can have a lasting impact on our financial well-being. Goal setting, tracking, and behavior modification are required to finally make a change. Everyone has a phone so now you can have Wealth Power in your pocket.  I downloaded it myself and love it so much I had to share this app with all of you!  Wealth Power is a behavioral App, I feel like it's similar to what Noom is for losing weight. It focuses on our psychological issues around money.

Photo credit: Kenneth Ciesla
Photo credit: Kenneth Ciesla

It helps us all answer the question of “where did all my money go?” This app helped so many get off credit cards, get an emergency fund, have savings and still give money away to charitable causes! I can’t believe how organized I feel. Leave it to a Jersey guy to figure this out for us.

Kenneth’s mission? “I hope you find this app as helpful in creating happiness in your life as it has been in mine”.  This is an independently owned, company from New Jersey helping people everywhere to lead happier lives through behavior change. Wealth Power is secure and your bank accounts are NOT attached to this app, also they don’t sell your information.

I’m always inspired by someone who is dealt a tough hand and decides to turn it into something positive for not only for themselves but for all of us too.

Check out the Wealth Power app here.

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