Don't be surprised if Doctor Frasier Crane shows up behind your local bar pouring you an ice cold beer!  Of course, I'm actually referring to esteemed actor Kelsey Grammer.  He was proudly tending bar at Ellery's in Middlesex this week, to promote beer from his Castkills brewery, Faith American Brewing Company and this is not his last stop in New Jersey...

This is very cool but may I also request a beer from Ted Danson or Woody Harrelson too?

Well, keep your eyes peeled because he's been making a lot of New Jersey stops and you never know where he will pop up next!  I read in The Patch that he was also at Cryan's Tavern in Hunterdon County and the Marriott Courtyard in Basking Ridge among other places.

What surprise celeb would you want to see at your local watering hole? I want to sit down and have a beer with Pete Davidson, Leah Remini or Kelly Clarkson...they all seem super cool to me. I'll be sure to post about it if I find more local stops for Mr. Grammer!

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