Single-digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills present a prime opportunity for havoc with plumbing and pets. Herewith, some common-sense tips from SUEZ  and the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA).


Plumbing Prep 

Jim Mastrokalos, SUEZ Director of Operations in Toms River, points out that the company tends the pipes under the street. Inside the house, it's up to you and your favorite plumber.

“Harsh winter weather of this predicted magnitude can cause water pipe ruptures, and the best way to be prepared is by taking precautionary measures,” Mastrokalos said.

Indoor plumbing, and exposed pipes on outside walls, in basements and in crawl spaces, are especially vulnerable in severe cold snaps.

"Wrapping the pipes in commercial insulation or heat tape available at local hardware stores is helpful in keeping the pipes from freezing,” he added.

Additionally, the company says that running cold water sporadically will help prevent freeze-ups in the lines. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors left ajar lets warm room air reach below-counter plumbing.

If the house will be empty during any part of the remaining cold months, keep at least a minimal heat setting on the thermostat

Mastrokalos added that if you see water leaks outside the house or on a street, call the SUEZ toll-free customer service line, 1-877-565-1456.

Dogs at Coindre Hall
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Protecting Pets

That might be a mighty fine, state-of-the-art dog house with all the bedding, bells and whistles in the back yard, but it's still no match for temperatures this extreme, says NJSPCA.

"That's okay, the (insert your breed of choice here) likes the cold!" How many times have you heard it?

Domesticated animals exposed to prolonged sub-zero temperatures and wind chills stand a good chance of not surviving, says NJSPCA. No matter what species or breed, just bring them in the house.

Also, if you see an animal stranded outside while the cold snap roars through, call the NJSPCA Animal Cruelty Hotline, 1-800-582-5979.


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