What the what?!?! Well we can catch viruses floating around in the air but can we catch creativity?!? Maybe that is what the person who buys that 3K dollar bag of Kanye air is hoping. Yes, you heard me right, crazed Kanye fans who were at his DONDA listening event in Atlanta were hoping to make some money by simply trapping air that was shared by Kanye and other celebrities in a zip lock bag.

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After a minute or so of getting over the shock of the story, I thought, "why not?". As I mentioned, the sold-out event gave one fan the idea to put a bag of air on eBay for $3,333.33. Why shouldn't a fan sell Kayne's air and make money? It's not like Kanye does not take advantage of his fans at every single turn. For example, at the DONDA event he sold snacks for $65?!?!?  COME ON. If you pay that you're dumb. Kanye knows some of his fans are sheep so he'll get away with it. Here was the menu:

Full disclosure my oldest daughter, Brianna and her boyfriend Juan went to this event. No, I did not pay for it. She knew not to ask lol.  They go to college at Florida State but this was important enough to them to take off from work and school and drive to ATL to be there. I like Kanye's music but I don't understand the rabid dedication to him. Maybe that makes me the out of touch mom...but I'm OK with that.  I'm chomping on reasonably priced snacks right now.

Photo credit: Brianna M Bri and Boyfriend Juan at Donda Event

My daughter paid $120 for a T-shirt...that she will not wear. When the demand goes up that is going on eBay. It was an "investment".

Photo credit: Brianna M T shirts at Donda Event cost $120

The event was sold out almost right away. It's a huge venue too. It never fails with Kanye, his clothing and shoes sell out in minutes online too...literally breaking the internet.

Photo credit: Brianna M Donda Music Event Sold Out

When I asked my daughter, Brianna, if it was worth it...the driving to another state, taking off work, missing school and paying out the nose she said, "I mean he really didn't really even perform because he just played the album for us, but regardless, the whole reason we wanted to go was because we know that he's getting near the end of his career so we don't know the next time we'll be ale to see him.  Overall it was worth it.  We are the only people who have heard the new album so it was a cool experience.  Just being there with all the other fans...the energy is cool."

Photo credit: Getty Images Kanye's dramatic outfits are a part of his performance art

We keep hearing from people to spend money on experiences and not things right? I do know they will remember this for a very long time.

Photo credit: Getty Images for Universal Music Kanye at DONDA Event ATL GA

Here they are loving life.  They had to take pics of this epic moment.

Photo credit: Brianna M Bri, Juan and their friends at the event

I am just digesting what my daughter said though, he didn't even perform!?!?!? Delayed reaction I know.  I don't get it but they do and I'm glad they went...for the experience.

Now, back to that dude with the bag of air...how can you be sure the air was not from the parking lot?  Well the “AIR FROM DONDA DROP” is verified with an image of the seller holding the bag from the event. If you win the bid, you will have to pay $4.00 shipping and handling. Better hope that bag doesn't pop!

Photo credit: eBay Donda Event Bag Of Air For Sale

Atlanta takes their Kayne love very seriously, July 22 is Kanye West Day in the city.

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