It's a situation nobody can possible imagine unless you've lived through it, losing everything in a fire.

Friends of Pine Beach Police Officer Russell Okinsky are now working to help him through the aftermath of a fire that burned through his family's home early on Saturday morning.

Russell got the call about the fire while on duty and arrived home to find that his home was in flames, his friend and President of the K-9 Valor Task Force, a 501(c)(3) non-profit he is the Vice-President of, Sue DesMarais, tells WOBM News this evening.

His mother, sister, brother and nephew made it out of the home safely as were two dogs including his K-9 he recently became partners with.

This is someone with a lot of friends who are reaching out to help him and his family.

DesMarais describes Russell as a very well-liked  person and can't imagine anyone in the world who doesn't like this man.

“Russell is awesome," DesMarais. "He's the little brother I never had. I'd do anything for him."

She is helping her dear friend try and get some of the material things lost in the fire by orchestrating a donation drive for him.

Fundraisers are in the works as well to help Russell and his family.

DesMarais says for now, donations are being collected to help in the interim.

Here's all the information including where you can send the items.

Donations can be dropped off at the Beachwood First Aid Building at 4 Beachwood Drive.

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