ELIZABETH — A Superior Court judge on Thursday said a Scotch Plains girl has no right to play on a Catholic school's boys basketball team, NJ.com reports.

Twelve-year-old Sydney Phillips had wanted to play this year on the boys' team at St. Theresa’s School in Kenilworth after the school did away with the girls' team for lack of participation.

Her family filed a lawsuit after failing to convince school and Archdiocese of Newark officials.

Unlike public schools, St. Theresa’s isn’t subject to the same Title IX gender-equity regulations that require public schools to allow girls to play on boys teams if no team for girls is available.

“I just love the rush and the challenges of the game,” Sydney  told New Jersey 101.5 guest hosts Michele Pilenza and Jeff Edelstein when she called into the station last month. “I love making new experiences."

Her father, Scott Phillips, told New Jersey 101.5 that even after taking the matter up with school officials and their supervisors at the Archdiocese of Newark, he was simply told: “Boys play with boys, and girls play with girls.”

“I’ve asked, if it’s your policy, show it to me in writing. Nowhere, from the school to the archdiocese, have they done that,” he said.

He said school officials have told him they’re worried Sydney could get hurt.

“I told them it happens. She broke her thumb playing soccer. That’s a risk you take with sports,” he said.

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