Sooooo it’s Jonas Brothers CRAZINESS at 94.3 The Point! Let's answer the important stuff first...YES, we have your front row tickets…my buddy Matt Ryan mentioned how to win in one of his recent posts but in case you missed it, the details are right here. Now that the business of winning is covered, I have some retro tea to spill about the boys!

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I’ve had some really cool moments with the Jo Bros over the years so I wanted to share some inside scoop with you from one of our backstage hang outs! Yes, Nick, Joe and Kevin are every bit as nice and cool as you think they are…but I observed some other things back then that the uber fan might find interesting to know so I thought I would share.

Shannon Holly with the Jonas Brothers back in the day!

When the guys were at the height of their first burst of fame, I was invited to grab some food backstage and hang with them before one of their shows in Atlanta.  Of course we bonded over our Jersey connection and our love of a good diner.  I actually spent a lot of time talking with Mama Jonas too, aka Denise Jonas. This is def where Kevin and Nick got their curls!  How cute is she?!?

Shannon Holly with Mama Jonas

What I remember first and foremost was how their mom did not stop watching over her boys just because they were rockstars!  Mama Jonas made sure they ate before going on stage so they did not get light headed, she reminded them to hydrate and most impressively she told them to join hands and pray before hitting the stage.  I felt honored to be there for that private moment.  I stood back and listened to them pray and then she reminded her boys that they were allowed to do this because they know who gave them this blessing in the first place. Then they put their hands in a circle and yelled in unison, "one, two, the dream!" They jumped up and down to get hyped-up and just like that, they were with us in a small green room and seconds later in front of 80K people.

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There were a few more important caretakers there too.  Uber fans may know "Big Rob" their bodyguard...(Rob used to guard Britney Spears too). He is a lovable teddy bear but made sure the guys were protected. He also made sure they laughed and goofed off too.  Did you ever meet someone you like instantly? That's Big Rob.

Shannon Holly and Big Rob...the Jo Bros bodyguard

Britney's camp seemed to migrate to the Jonas Bros after there was some falling out with how Brit was managed. That's when Felicia Culotta, Brit Brit's personal assistant was removed from her responsibilities (we talked about that quite a bit but I promised I would not say more than what I did right here). I can tell you that all the same love she put into watching over Britney Spears, she also offered to her new babies the Jonas Brothers.  This was like two Mama Bears for the price of one!

Shannon Holly and Felicia Culotta Jo Bro and Britney Spears Assistant

What I saw that night was a team of people making sure these brothers were grounded, having fun, keeping up with their health, and remembering that they were blessed. It takes that constant reinforcement if you are young and wildly popular. All three guys are so well adjusted, super successful and happy in spite of the pressures of high fame and I witnessed first hand exactly why...their loving support and foundation from a team of people with their best interest at heart. In my opinion, that is what set them up for longevity...not just on stage but in life.

Jersey's own Jonas Brothers are bringing their 'Remember This Tour' to PNC Bank Arts Center on October 5. Now, my daughters will be at the Jonas Brothers show all these years later and it really feels like a full circle moment. It's a true testament to the brothers' talent and stable surroundings that they are still bringing the house down after all these years!  It's fun to be able to tell my girls..."Mommy knew them when their story was just starting!"  See you guys at the show!

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