Hey! I first want to thank Shore Point Distributing, Blue Moon, the Belmar Pro, and all of you who supported me this weekend. Competing in the surfing competition and then broadcasting at many great Jersey Shore locations was a blast!

Thank you to Joe's Surf Shack, Pig & Parrot Sandbar, The Salty Whale, Reef & Barrel, and 10th Ave. Burrito for having me! We will totally do it again next September!

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Also, congratulations to the surfboard giveaway winners! The winners were a Belmar lifeguard, a person celebrating a birthday, a young girl who plans to take her first surf lessons, a recently married man, and a true listener of 94.3 The Point. The winners were all meant to be!

It was all around a phenomenal weekend. Keep scrolling to check out the fun we had...

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