AVALON — Residents who have complained to the town's governing body about ice cream trucks causing too much traffic and noise in the borough might get their wish as the borough council considers a man on the frozen treat vehicles.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, an ordinance up for adoption would ban the sale of ice cream and other items by "peddlers" and "hawkers." It would also outlaw pushcarts from using things like bells and whistles to attract customers.

Borough Administrator Scott Wahl said the ice cream trucks and other vendors have become a quality of life issue for people who live there during the whole year, and the summer season.

"It just got to the point where we said we wanted to go in a different direction," Wahl told the Press.

Seaside Park has had a ban on ice cream trucks since 2010, and last year there was a push by residents to see that trend come to an end. The ordinance in that town bans the sale of merchandise from any vehicle along Ocean Avenue, which runs along the boardwalk, and also stretches 25 feet on streets that Ocean Avenue intersects.

The ordinance will be up for a second reading and public comment during the council's meeting on Wednesday.

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