Now that Thanksgiving is about a week away, we set out to find out how much traveling Jersey Shore residents will do for the holiday.

We thought we would get an idea of this year's plans with a Jersey Shore Poll and compare it to last year's results, and when the votes came in, there were big differences from last year.

First of all, let's look at this year's results. Most Jersey Shore residents tell us they will be traveling between 21 and 50 miles for Thanksgiving (55%). Another 27% will travel between 1 and 20 miles, and 9% will be staying home.

That means a whopping 91% will be within 50 miles of their home this Thanksgiving and that's up drastically from 67% from last year's results.

Rounding out this year's numbers, an additional 9% of those who responded said they will be traveling more than 100 miles for Thanksgiving 2017.

Whatever your plans this Thanksgiving, we hope you have a great time and get to spend the day with those you love. And if you are doing any traveling, we wish you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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