We asked Jersey Shore residents to tell us their favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day and the results are in.

On the heels of the Belmar St. Patty's Day Parade, lots of people at the Jersey Shore were thinking about the topic anyway, so we spent the weekend asking people around the area what their favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day is.

Here are the results, according to your responses. For a majority of those at the Jersey Shore, St. Patrick's Day is that long awaited sign that spring is here and 40% of those polled gave that response, making it the top answer.

Another 27% said that the parades are their favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day, and that was the #2 response, and coming in at third place was the corned beef and cabbage that the Jersey Shore is so famous for.

The one response that disappointed me was the green beer which only got 13% of the vote. Come on Jersey Shore...you know you like it more than that!

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