Now THIS is a way to encourage New Jerseyans to get vaccinated.

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Governor Phil Murphy just announced the new "Shot and Beer" program being launched in New Jersey and it is definitely a fun way to get the Summer started.

Here is how it will work:

Yes, you do have to be at least 21 years old and be sure to bring your vaccination card with you as a form of proof.

"Well, I would go and get re-vaccinated again for a free beer," said my coworker Mario who is an avid beer drinker. 

This is a rather creative way to get New Jerseyans on line to get their vaccine. I definitely could see some saying that it is irresponsible.

EASE UP: Desperate times call for desperate measures so hush up and drink up.  SHEESH.

Now, I do see a problem with the timing of this deal: According to all of the posts, this deal is only applicable to those who get their first vaccines during the month of May.

What about the people who were proactive and got their vaccines before May? It is almost like we are punishing those who were first in line.

I get the idea of encouraging those who still have not scheduled an appointment but I definitely think this should apply to any and all who have been vaccinated because it is in the best interest for all!

Quick funny story about this announcement.

I saw Governor Phil Murphy's tweet about the "Shot & A Beer" Program and my first thought when I did some research was, "So, where is the free shot?"

Ooooohhhh...its the COVID-19 Vaccine SHOT for a beer! Man....what a buzzkill. Don't mind me. I'll just be over here.....LOL

There is a group of breweries that have already volunteered to get involved and the full list can be seen in Murphy's tweet above.

Here are the breweries specifically at the Jersey Shore that you can hit up for your free brewsky! Enjoy!

The Jersey Shore Breweries Offering Free Beer For COVID-19 Vaccination

These are the breweries to hit up with your vaccination card.

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