The are red an eight sided. They say in large white block letters S-T-O-P. Do you know what they mean?

Apparently, too many Jersey Shore residents missed class the day the driving instructor covered the very un-vague stop sign. In case you were one of the Jersey Shore residents who missed it, let's go over some of the details.

The stop sign was created to let you know when to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. I hate to bore you with details, but let's discuss those two tricky words. Complete stop. What they mean by that is to stop completely.

It doesn't mean slow down. It doesn't mean almost stop. And it doesn't mean kind of roll into the area and try to keep your car moving the whole time. It means STOP. Exactly how much time do you gain by going 1 mph through a stop sign?

The problem at the Shore is patience. And by that I mean we don't have any. If we stop at the stop sign, we may miss the next light and if we miss the next light we may miss the third light , which of course is that really long one. Sound familiar?

Is this any way to live? I don't think so. And stop (no pun intended) to think about some things we have no problem actually stopping for during the day.

Here's an example. We'll gladly wait 10 minutes for a cup of coffee if necessary, but we don't have time to stop at a stop sign? Really?

And how many times do we race through a stop sign, or floor it to make a light or do all we can to pass someone only to sit for two minutes at the next light 100 yards away?

OK, my venting is complete. I'll wave at you at the next 4 way stop intersection while I'm completely stopped and you just roll by. You know who you are.

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