A bill sponsored by Jersey Shore Senator Robert Singer (R) and Assemblyman Sean Kean (R) to authorize issuing "Support Recovery" license plates has been approved by the senate and is heading to Governor Phil Murphy for consideration.

The legislation introduced by these District 30 lawmakers was approved by the Senate on Monday.

“Allowing drivers to purchase a special license plate will help provide lifesaving sober-living facilities,” Singer said in a statement. “Addiction does not discriminate. This disease has affected countless families in every neighborhood across the state. These plates will increase awareness and help educate residents about the dangers of substance abuse.”

Under the bill (A268/S469), the State Motor Vehicle Commission will make special plates available to drivers for a $50 application and an annual $10 renewal.

Singer and Kean say that No taxpayer money will be used.

The revenue will go into the “Support Recovery License Plate Fund,” to pay for the design, production and administration of the program.

Singer and Kean said that once the costs are satisfied, the proceeds will fund permanent and temporary sober living housing for recovering New Jersey residents.

“Sadly, many New Jersey families have been touched by addiction," Kean said in a statement. "The ‘Support Recovery’ license plate serves as an outward signal to individuals struggling with addiction that people care, and raises awareness about drug and alcohol addiction. The money generated from the plates will go toward sober housing for people in recovery."

Singer and Kean said they introduced this legislation after Parents in Connection for Kids Inc. (P.I.C.K.) Awareness, a New Jersey nonprofit, expressed the need to provide awareness and resources to parents of children with substance abuse disorder.

The founder, Donna DeStefano, created the nonprofit after coping with her daughter’s struggles with drugs.

“I’m thrilled that ‘N.J. Support Recovery License Plates’ have bipartisan support in both the Assembly and the Senate. It shows that New Jersey is on the forefront of this epidemic, mission-oriented on addiction issues and that they welcome new strategies, solutions, and results,”  DeStefano said in a statement. “This bill will bring a sorely needed sustainable funding model that will reduce homelessness as a barrier to recovery. It will provide sober living to indigent clients in an emergent or crisis situation suffering from substance use disorders and help this population with its recovery efforts. These License Plates will also raise awareness and reduce the ongoing stigma associated with this disease.”

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